What should you do when a loved one dies


What you should do when a loved one dies


The purpose of this article is to provide you with practical advice of what you need to do when a loved one dies.

The loss of a loved one can be very painful to you.  When a family member approaches us for advice on the probate process, we normally advise them on the law and the duties of the executor.  We also offer them practical advice on what they should do.

Many are worried about finances.  Many are unclear about how to go about transferring the assets of the deceased to the beneficiaries.

You will of course need to obtain Grant of Probate (where the loved one had left behind a will) or Letter of Administration (where there is no will).  You can read about how we help clients to obtain Grant of Probate and Letter of Administration here. 


Upon the death of a loved one

  • Take care of yourself first.  A good time to see a probate lawyer would be after the grieving process is over.  So do not make any hasty decisions or major changes immediately.
  • Obtain the death certificate.  The hospital or funeral house will do this for you.
  • Check if the loved one has a will.  The will should be opened in front of the family members, although there is no such legal requirement.
  • If there is no will, all family members should preferably attend the first meeting with your probate lawyer.  Your probate lawyer should explain who can apply for Letter of Administration and how the inheritance is to be given.
  • Contact the insurance agent for assistance on filing of insurance claims.
  • Contact CPF Board.  If the loved one has made a nomination, CPF Board will distribute the CPF monies in accordance with the nomination.
  • Notify banks and credit card companies.
  • Cancel all subscriptions so that you don’t have to pay for these continuing expenses.
  • Collect all bills. Your executor will have to pay these bills out of the estate fund.
  • Collect information on the loved one’s bank accounts, properties, stocks, assets, etc.  Your probate lawyer will need to have this information.


    How Can You Get Started with a Singapore Probate Lawyer?

    As soon as your loved one has passed away, you should explore your rights and help ensure the rights of the deceased are respected.  Whether you are an executor, or family member or loved one who stands to inherit, you need to get proper legal help.  PKWA Law can provide you with the assistance and advice you need to obtain Grant of Probate or Letter of Administration.

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