Estate Law in Singapore – What happens to my estate when I pass away?

Inheritance image - PKWA probate and estate lawyers -Estate Law in Singapore - What happens to my estate when I pass away?

Estate Law in Singapore – What happens to my estate when I pass away?


What is my “Estate”?

Your “estate” consists of all the things that you own at death. Therefore, you “estate” can comprise of your bank accounts, properties, car, clothes, jewellery and shares.


What happens to my assets upon death?

When someone passes away, the assets are transferred in two ways:

  • in accordance with the person’s Last Will;
  • in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act if you did not have a last Will.

In order for your assets to be transferred to the rightful beneficiaries, the Executor or Administrator needs to apply to court to be given the authority to deal with your estate. This process is called “probate.”


Who is in charge of my estate?

The Executor (if there is a Will) or the Administrator (if there is no Will) is the person who is in charge of transferring (giving) your estate assets to the rightful beneficiaries. The Executor’s main duties are to collect all your assets, pay off your debts, pay your taxes and debts, and finally, distributing the residue of the estate to the beneficiaries.


What is Probate and do I have to do it?

Probate is the process of applying to court for the will to be recognised and for the Executor to be authorised to deal with the estate.

Yes, probate is necessary if you wish to have access to the deceased person’s assets and to distribute them to the rightful beneficiaries. As an example, if the deceased has a bank account, the bank will not release the monies unless the Executor can produce the Grant of Probate.


How much are Probate fees?

At PKWA Law, our probate fees are among the most affordable in Singapore:

Grant of Probate – $1,200

Letters of Administration – $1,500

(GST and disbursements not included)



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