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Uncontested Divorce in Singapore

The most affordable way to divorce in Singapore

What is the most affordable way to divorce in Singapore?

If you are going through a divorce in Singapore, the best thing any couple can do is to reach an agreement before hiring any lawyer.

In Singapore, the law only requires one spouse to file for the divorce. The other spouse can object to the divorce, but cannot prevent the divorce from being filed. It therefore makes sense to co-operate with each other to go for a ‘friendly, uncontested’ divorce instead of slugging it out in court.

In an friendly, uncontested divorce, you and your spouse act as the judge to decide on all the divorce issues. The outcome is known before you even file for divorce, taking out a lot of the stress from the divorce process. Your lawyer’s role in an uncontested divorce is to draft all the necessary divorce paper work to accurately capture what you and your spouse have agreed upon.

If an friendly amicable divorce cannot be agreed, then you have to file for a contested divorce. In a contested divorce, the Family Court will decide on the outcome for you.

The trick in arriving at an agreement so that the divorce proceeds on an uncontested basis is to speak to a lawyer first to understand what you can get. It is pointless to argue and negotiate with your spouse over something that the court will never give you in the first place. Once you and your spouse understand your respective rights, what each of you can get and cannot get, the negotiating process becomes easy. It is therefore essential to know your rights and entitlement before you negotiate.

When you achieve a divorce that is uncontested, you save lots of money on legal fees and you remain on amicable terms with your ex-spouse. If you have children, they are spared the trauma of watching their parents fight over a messy divorce.

What do we need to agree upon?

You and your spouse need to reach an agreement on the following:

a. the reason for the divorce.

b. who is to have care and control of the children and the level of access or visitation rights the other parent has.

c. how to divide your property and debts.

d. how much wife and children maintenance is to be given.

Ok, we agree on everything... now what?

See your lawyer and tell your lawyer of the agreement. Your lawyer will draft the paperwork.

In Singapore, you can obtain your Interim Judgment within 4 weeks of filing the uncontested divorce papers. The best part? You don’t even need to attend court.

How much are the divorce fees for an uncontested divorce?

At PKWA Law, our fees for an uncontested divorce are as follows:

Agreed Divorce – How much does it cost?


  • $1,500 all in  (no children, no house and no maintenance)
  • $2,500 all in  (with children, HDB and maintenance).
  • $2,900 all in  (with children, private property, CPF and maintenance).

*Our fees are subject to GST.

uncontested divorce fee chart

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