What makes a good divorce lawyer?

What makes a good divorce lawyer?

1. Family Court judges do not like belligerent family lawyers who can quarrel over every small issue and create conflict at every turn. Belligerent divorce lawyers can further drag out a case, costing you precious time and leaving you with a huge legal bill. A good family lawyer will know what issues require a fight, and which do not, making the case go smoother.

2. An aggressive divorce lawyer will soon be out of your life once the divorce ends. But he will leave you saddled with a huge legal bill, and worse, a really bad relationship with your ex-spouse. Your divorce may have ended, but you will still need to deal with your ex-spouse on children issues and maintenance.

3. Do you know that about 90 percent of all divorces are settled amicably, without going for a trial? This saves the couple time, money and the emotional upheavals associated with a long drawn divorce case. But if you have a divorce lawyer who is unreasonable and fights tooth and nail over even small issues, then you will have to pay more in legal fees for the extended time.

4. Which brings us to the next question – Can you afford the time and expense of a trial? If the gap to a settlement is not big, you should ask yourself whether it is worthwhile spending time and money to go all the way for a trial. Sometimes, the difference between a split in a matrimonial asset could be 10 percent and that 10 percent translates to $10,000. It may not be worthwhile to litigate all the way for that.

5. We believe that the best divorce lawyers are those who are calm, who encourage settlements, not arguments. He or she will give you honest advice and try to resolve the divorce amicably, instead of slugging it out in court. It is completely true to say that you should get a divorce lawyer who is committed to settling your divorce in as respectful and peaceful as manner as possible.



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