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Common Expat Divorce Questions

Expat divorce in Singapore - Common Expat Divorce Questions

If you are an expat in Singapore and are considering divorce, the following are some of the most common questions surrounding expat divorce in Singapore.

Am I eligible to file for divorce in Singapore?

Yes, provided if the following conditions are met:

a. you must have been married for at least 3 years.

b. either you or your spouse is a Singaporean citizen.

c. If both of you are not Singaporean citizens, one of you must ordinarily live in Singapore and have done so for 3 years immediately before filing for divorce.

d. you must show that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.

If we are both not Singaporeans, which country’s divorce laws will apply – our home country or Singapore?

If you or your spouse files for divorce in the Singapore Courts, then Singapore law will apply to the divorce.

Are there any advantages in filing for divorce in Singapore?

We are not able to compare the pros and cons of filing for divorce in your home country versus filing in Singapore. You would need to know Singapore law and get advice from a lawyer in your home country to make a useful comparison.

What we can say is that Singapore is an attractive place for expat couples to file their divorce for the following reasons:

a. the courts are very efficient. An uncontested divorce takes less than 4 months to complete. If your divorce is contested, it should take about one year.

b. the courts are pro mediation. At many stages during the divorce process, there will be many opportunities to mediate to resolve the case. It is estimated that about 90 percent of all divorce cases that are filed in Singapore are resolved without going for trial.

c. the fees are relatively affordable. For example, at PKWA Law, our fees for an uncontested divorce are fixed at either $1,500 all in (if there are no properties, no children and no maintenance) or $2,500 all in (if there are children, properties and maintenance).

I am a trailing spouse. What will happen to my dependant’s pass when i go through a divorce? Do I have to leave the country?

Unfortunately, if you are on a dependent pass, and your divorce is finalised, you are required to leave Singapore within 14 days. If you dont wish to leave Singapore. you must find employment to remain in Singapore.

Guide to Getting a Divorce in Singapore

To better understand the divorce laws and process in Singapore, you may wish to read our Guide to Getting a Divorce in Singapore. The Guide explains the Singapore law on divorce, financial matters and children custody.


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