Divorce Lawyer Singapore: Tips During Divorce Proceedings in Singapore – How to Help Your Lawyer Help You



Divorce Lawyer Singapore: Tips During Divorce Proceedings – How to Help Your Lawyer Help You

Matrimonial proceedings are as personal as one gets with the law. Unlike most other areas of the law, where disputes are in relation to work, involvement in divorce proceedings often means digging through personal documents late into the night after the kids have gone to sleep, and only being able to read your lawyers updates after dinner.

So, when dealing with the difficult issue of divorce, how do you help your lawyer help you? Below are some useful tips to help you help yourself by helping your lawyer:

1. Keep your lawyer updated whenever circumstances change or new issues arise. In doing this, your lawyer is kept abreast of the developments in your case, and will be able to better suit your needs as they evolve.

2. Help your lawyer understand your situation by preparing summaries, timelines to give a “big picture”. As divorces often concern marriages which are sometimes tens of years long, a clear representation of facts will help your lawyer bette runderstand. From this, your lawyer can better advise you on the significance of various facts and their interactions with one another.

3. Respond to your lawyers’ requests on time so that they can meet court deadlines. If you’re not able to provide information, tell your lawyers early on why the requests can’t be met, even if it is simply because too much time has passed and the documents had long been discarded – this will give them time to find practical solutions to suit the needs of your case.

4. It is important to keep your lawyer informed of when you will be out of town. This is of great importance, as your lawyer can raise this in Court and it can play a part in the Court’s directions regarding timelines, minimising any disadvantage that may arise from your travel schedule.

5. Most important of all, do tell your lawyer the truth. Some clients don’t tell the full facts because they only want to tell the ‘good’ facts to their lawyer. Do not do this. Your lawyer needs to know the good, the bad and the ugly about your case so that he can best strategise your case. You are supposed to be working with your lawyer, not against him. The best way to work with him is to be completely candid and honest about the facts of your case.

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