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Can you divorce in Singapore?

Getting a divorce in Singapore


In the last decade, Singapore has become increasingly cosmopolitan and culturally diverse.

In 2013, it was reported that marriage between citizen grooms and non-resident brides for the year stood at 5,599. An increase of 40% from 2002. (The Straits Times, Theresa Tan Radha Basu, 2013) In 2015, 1.46 million non-citizens made up a significant portion of the total population of 5.26 million people.

Corresponding with the above statistics, we have also noticed a growth in numbers of non-Singaporean clients who approach us with the question: “Can I Get Divorced In Singapore?”

It surprises many to know that they can in fact get divorced in Singapore, provided that they meet the following criteria:

  • At least one party to the marriage is a Singapore citizen;
  • That at least one party to the marriage has lived in Singapore for a minimum of three years before applying for the divorce;
  • That at least one party to the marriage is domiciled in Singapore.

What does this mean for non-citizens in Singapore?

It means that even though the individual intending to divorce does not have Singaporean citizenship, it is possible for such an individual to commence divorce proceedings in the Singapore Courts. It is then for the person intending to divorce to show that the necessary criteria have been met, before the Courts are able to entertain their request to commence divorce proceedings against their spouse.


At PKWA Law, our team of Family Lawyers are consistently named as leading Singapore divorce lawyers by respected independent legal publications such as Asian Legal Business, Singapore Business Review, Global Law Experts and Doyle's Guide to Singapore Family Lawyers.

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