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Is It Possible to Avoid a Contested Divorce?

Divorces are messy affairs and contested divorces not only lengthen the ordeal for everyone involved but are costlier as well. Importantly, it is possible to avoid a contested divorce and in fact, it is advisable for you and your spouse to come to an agreement for matters regarding the divorce, without resorting to litigation, so that parties can move forward more easily.

With this view in mind, there are many avenues provided by the Family Justice Courts for parties to come to an agreement on the divorce itself and any ancillary matters. The Family Resolution Chambers and Child Focused Resolution Centre of the Family Justice Courts were established to facilitate amicable communication between parties. There will be mediation and counselling sessions as directed by a Judge, so that parties can resolve all the acrimonious issues and unhappiness between them. However, much still depends on parties’ willingness to come to an arrangement that is fair to both parties, in order to avoid a contested divorce.

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