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Advantages of Family Mediation


· Divorce Lawyer

When a marriage breaks down and one party seeks dissolution of the marriage, the aggrieved party may resort to litigation as a means of resolving the issue. Whilst the Family Justice Courts provides the legal process to dissolve marriages, parties have always been offered mediation to avoid a full-blown litigation suit.

Mediation is an informal dispute resolution process brought before an independent third party. With effect from 6 October 2015, all divorce-related mediation services will be located at Tower Block, MND Complex, #4-00, 5 Maxwell Road, Singapore 069110.

Mediation assists the parties by giving them an opportunity to discuss their issues in a non-adversarial and non-confrontational way. It allows parties to have complete control over the outcome by allowing them to negotiate their own settlement. As the mediator has no authority to make a binding decision unless both parties have come to an agreement, parties may feel happier with the terms that they have agreed on as compared to orders made by the court. Mediation also allows a more reasonable timetable for resolving a dispute.

For all the reasons above, parties are typically more satisfied with mediation. Also, because there is no winning or losing party as the settlement is mutually agreed upon. Mediation also saves parties both time and legal costs. Most importantly, given the fact that mediation is a non-adversarial process, parties can avoid all the emotional trauma of undergoing a trial, which would inevitably lead to stress, tension, acrimony and increased costs.

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